What is daavedari.com? Why aspiring ticket seekers must register on this platform? Today we are in digital world so, why one should not stake claim for ticket through digital process? Each and every right candidate must feel that his or her candidature has been noticed. Everybody should know who is willing to fight and from where? Daavedari.com is a platform for an aspiring candidate who is seeking ticket to fight election. This platform will help you to enhance your effort to secure ticket. Talented young person must get a chance to fight election. Daavedari.com will reduce the work of middlemen. Idea behind this site is to achieve greater transparency in ticket distribution. Sometime it happens talented winning candidate got crush at the hands of middlemen or went unnoticed. It will assist to find actual candidate to fight election. It will also help in ticket selection process in a transparent manner if any 


political party is willing to take help from daavedari.com. Anyone can take notice of your candidature. We think better scrutiny will be done after watching this site, Daavedari.com assist you to get noticed. Sole purpose of this idea is to bring transparency in ticket selection process. Nobody should go unnoticed. Creator of Daavedari.com thinks that right candidate should get ticket in a transparent manner. If you register here you could reach to millions of people and will be connected to the world.

Want to become a leader?

To nominate yourself as a leader, Please register on daavedari.com and provide information regarding your name, constituency you want to fight from.