About Us

Welcome to daavedari.com. We aimed at providing your campaign with a full spectrum of creative solutions to grow your campaign. Whether you are a new or established Politician or Political Party. We apply an informed mindset behind every concept to create a meaningful campaign. We research key indicators related to your campaign in order to develop the best creative strategy and incorporate the right rational and emotional connect to reach your people. To ensure your campaign reflects an image of quality, we produce your content with impeccable attention to detail within a consistent set of guidelines uniquely tailored to your campaign.

We have been doing this since 2003 and while we have been at it. For the ones seeking numbers, we are highly skilled people organization with number of clients. Our services include all aspects of communication right from brand strategy to campaign development, across all traditional and digital media. We look forward to being your trusted partner. We have a glorious past. 

about us

Manish’s experience spans nearly two decades on accounts of leading campaign. The constant voice in his head that ‘there is a neater way and an efficient way of doing things. The sole purpose of daavedari.com is to make your election campaign visible to all. We believe that ideas can do wonder. daavedari.com is ideal for political party and emerging candidate. When you consider engaging a large agency for your election campaign, you are concerned with their cost and also if it will be able to give appropriate attention. We work closely with political party and emerging candidate. We spend time with you to understand your vision and join you in your journey to achieve your objectives and win election.

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To nominate yourself as a leader, Please register on daavedari.com and provide information regarding your name, constituency you want to fight from.